Labor Day Weekend-A Weekend to Labor

It’s labor day weekend officially starting at 3:30 p.m. I’m ready for it.

I know I just got back from vacation, but I will get to spend the whole weekend by myself, since M will be out-of-town 4-wheeling. So I’m looking forward to time to myself. I will finally be able to get all the towels washed, since I pretty much have all the clothes washed and dried. I just gotta fold them up and put them away.

World Championships are being held for Dockdogs this weekend in Ohio. Our club is being represented by two members. They worked really hard to get there and they totally deserve it. Unfortunately, the club isn’t backing them very well. Sad. Oh well, people will start to see what is really happening soon enough.

M wound up not taking my GoPro camera with him, so I plan on using it sometime this weekend. Maybe I will take the dogs to Mom and Dad’s and let them swim a little bit. Or we might go on a hike at Busch Wildlife area. Either way, Sunday and Monday’s weather is supposed to be phenomenal.

I finally bit the bullet and purchased the Tone It Up fitness/diet/lifestyle plan. I’m excited to get started. I need to take stock of what I have and what I might need. I will probably focus mostly on the breakfast/lunch/snack parts of it, and throw in some dinners from it time to time, but I still have Matt to consider. They teach more about working out, portion control, and what you put in your body rather than counting calories and not being able to have fats/carbs/dairy etc. Which is nice because it gives you a little more freedom in what you eat. So I’m looking forward to having some delicious lunches and breakfast and such in the future πŸ™‚

My parent’s are having their first “grown-up” party at their house. By which I mean it’s their friends and not our family or our friends. So I have to help my Mom with that pretty much all day on Saturday since my Dad is still in the hospital and most likely won’t get out until Saturday early afternoon/late morning. Cross your fingers!

I actually fixed my hair other than straightening before work yesterday and it looked pretty good. I used my curling iron to wrap the hair around and create loose, beachy waves. I only suffered one blister on my finger, so I think it was pretty successful.

So this wasΒ a pretty random post…but it was all little things I had to say! If you don’t check back over the weekend or I don’t post over the weekend, enjoy your Labor Day Holiday weekend!


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