Ahh! Today was a pretty good day 🙂

First off, this past week has been a little rough on both me and the pups. With my Dad going to the hospital, I would stop by and visit with him and sometimes not get home until late. So the poor dogs would have to wait a long while before having dinner and going outside since M couldn’t get home to let them out either. Well poor BooBoo dog has been having some serious intestinal issues. Way back during the St. Charles County Fair one night when we came home she had had diarrhea all over the inside of her crate, so everything had to go out and get cleaned up. Well I thought she had gotten over it until this week. Three nights in a row I’ve had to come home and hose out her kennel and wash all her bedding! It’s been a total nightmare. So after some Googling, I figured out that it was most likely being caused by an intestinal bacteria imbalance. So off to the store to find something that will help with that. So with some diet changes and these new treats (which are actually a multi-V/digestive enzyme), today has been a good day. No kennel hosing and I can commence with my regular laundry.

I went running this morning. I did two miles as part of my Tone It Up Fall Challenge Booty Call. It’s so funny. They refer to your cardio as a Booty Call. As in, get your booty up and out the door! Love it! I’ll post the stats on that later, as well as a recap of my parent’s party they had today, which turned out pretty nice as well.

Off to attempt to clean up some stuff tonight and hit the sack. Maybe sew something, who knows?


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