In Which I Ran 7 Miles and Partied Like a Rock Star

My weekend was really great! I didn’t accomplish *everything* I wanted to but I still got a lot of stuff done, so I’m not going to beat myself up over it too much.

Friday night I stopped by the hospital and had dinner with my Dad and Mom and then headed home. Where I had to attend to some really shitty things (pun intended), and then I basically bummed around. I did change the sheets and start some laundry so it wasn’t a total waste.

Saturday I got up (I’d say early but we both know that’s a total lie), and logged 2 miles. They went pretty good, I don’t have my times because my Garmin is at home and I simply don’t remember. But it was around 34 minutes total? I think? Then I hurried home, took the dogs out for a bit, threw some clothes and stuff in a bag, and headed to my parents to help them get ready for their party. I picked my Dad up from the hospital, and everyone arrived on time and had a blast. So it was a good evening. I came home, didn’t have to deal with a poo situation (yay!), and then went to bed.

Sunday I got up, and basically did nothing the entire day until the evening when I pulled out some of my Tone It Up workouts and did those, which my abs are still sore from by the way. Then once I finished up those, I headed out and put in three miles in about 50 minutes. My final mile was my fastest, under 16 minutes.

Monday I got up, logged two miles came home and got busy on all the stuff that I didn’t accomplish over the weekend. I still didn’t get all my laundry done, but the kitchen got cleaned up, and all the floors got vacuumed, so I was pretty satisfied with all that.

So I partied like a rock star, and logged a total of 7 miles this weekend. This week my goal is to build up to a four and five-mile run this weekend. Holla!


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