Racin’ for Rescues Race Recap

Recapping my Sunday Funday 5k!

Race Morning

I really liked that this race started a little later in the day at 9 a.m., instead of 8 a.m., because it gave me plenty of time to get myself ready, and BooBoo ready. I had to make sure I pack what she was going to need after the race (GoDog, Powerbones, and her jacket incase she got chilly) and make sure I was ready to go. I wore pants again, and a long-sleeve tech shirt with the t-shirt we got over it. I was planning on an easy run, so I figured I might get a little chilly on it.

We parked and had a nice little warm up walk of about .25 miles to the race start and we both stretched it out. After milling around and chatting with some other folks, we got lined up to race.

The Run

I forgot (like a bum!) to get my Garmin ready so we were about .08 of a mile off. Like when I hit the 1 mile marker, it said we were at .92 of a mile instead. So my Garmin times are off and I’m not going to list them. We went out WAAYY to fast. I blame the dog 😉 She was ready to go, and since she is a dog, has no clue about pacing or anything (or maybe I just wasn’t up to her pace). So we walked a lot. Plus, the course was crazy hilly! My legs are still a little sore from it. But it was a nice course and we just really focused on having a good time. I wish I could say it wore her out, but no dice!

Post Race

After the race was over, we chilled and grabbed some water and Powerade, before trekking back to the car. There BooBoo refueled and we got on the road for the rest of our day.




  • Time: 52:04
  • Average Pace: 17:19/mile
  • Gender Place: 63/88 women
  • Class Place: 20/32



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