Holy Crap! 4 post in one day, what is the world coming to?

Nothing, except I had a lot to cover today 😉

So let’s just back that thing on up to Thursday evening. I knew some friend’s of mine were heading to the hospital to get induced and this hospital just so happened to be on my way home so I decided to stop by after work and see if the little fellow had decided to pop out yet. He hadn’t, and after milling about the hospital baby-having floor, they found out I was there and invited me in to chill with them. Chilling with them turned into watching my new “nephew” be born! It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I learned way more about having babies than I probably wanted to. I’ll spare you the gory (and they are) details!

“I ain’t neva born no baby, Miss Scarlet!”

Name that movie!

But Baby H is now happily hanging out at home with big brother D and big sister N as well as Momma and Pappa. Which is good because he is cute as a button and someone may steal him if they take him out in public!

I didn’t run on Monday. Counted it as a recovery day from the hilly as hell 5k I ran on Sunday. Jeez my legs were sore! I know now which trail to hit up if I want some hill training.

I did get out last night, though. I had a pretty good run. I was aiming for 4 miles but because it got waayy dark I had to settle for 3.35 miles. It took me 54:54 with an average pace of 16:23 per mile. It was moderately hindered by the fact that I stopped and had a conversation with a lady along my route who has a collie and then is watching her son’s dog while he is out-of-town. I didn’t stop my Garmin for it, so it kept ticking away while I stood there chatting. It was pretty dark by the time I finished up and I didn’t have my reflective vest on so it did make me a little nervous to be out running without it. But I didn’t even pass one car or have one pass me, so it all worked out.

I’m hoping to bring more color and splash to the blog, with pictures. I’ve been meaning to get out and take some, but per the norm, I’ve failed. But keep your eyes peeled! Also, if you read the blog, feel free to check in or something…y’all are so quiet! Let me know the things you might want to hear about or if there’s something that bores you to death (besides me 😉 ) then let me know!


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