Oh Y’all, I’m like Famous!!

Not really 😉

But, remember this little review I typed up on Monday? Well the director for that race found it, read it, and commented on it! Very exciting for me :). If you read his comment, he addresses the whole shirt issue. He had order an extra 350 shirts, but the race was so popular, and apparently a billion people wear mediums, so that’s why they ran out. *BUT* they are going to make sure everyone who missed out on their shirt on race day, gets the proper one sent to them! So that’s the news there. I’m kind of a big deal, ya know?

I told you I was gonna add more photos, didn’t I? I took this picture a few years ago. M’s Papa G had passed away, and because his grandchildren couldn’t act like adults and divide things up fairly, his son decided that an auction would be the fairest way to go. That part is only important because that’s when I took this photo. At the auction. It kind of reflected my mood that day. A little sad, and forgotten. It was really weird to watch people pick through what was left of his life. But I have since gotten over that and the last auction I went to for my grandparents was much easier.

I edit this photo and the one below in Picnik. I like Picnik when I want to make a quick edit, but my Photoshop actions give me a ton more options. Picnik also has some cute fonts and other little embellishments, and I can always use my Photoshopped photos in Picnik.

It’s the exact same photo as the one above, but there is one little difference (besides the text and texture). Actually it’s a big difference. See if you can figure it out. 🙂

I did go running last night. Not the four miles that I was hoping for, but I did make it 3.21 before I decided that it was just way to dark for me to be out. My total time was 52:30 and my average pace was 16:22/mile. Hopefully I can go when I get home tonight and actually get four miles in!

Also, I suppose everyone knows by now, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple has passed away. I only own one Apple product, and that’s my iPod, but I’d probably be lost on runs without it. So, the world lost a pretty influential guy. RIP Steve Jobs!


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