No Bambi for Me…

I did not get a deer this weekend, which happened to be opening weekend of deer season.

So hopefully this weekend I will get one and be able to call it a day.

I’ve had trouble thinking up any posts for the past, I dunno week or so, so let me give you the quick run down of what I’ve been up to.

We’ll go back two Fridays ago, after chilling with my BFLT and having Wine & Whine night, I headed home. Once I got home, I asked M if he wanted me to make him something to eat. He said yes, and that he wanted Ramen noodles and grilled cheese sandwiches. So I make the noodles in a container of water in the microwave, while I cook the sandwiches on the griddle pan. I’m transferring the noodles from the container of VERY HOT water to the bowl with the seasonings and crap when I felt the steam burning my finger. Steam burns hurt like hell so I tried to set the bowl down and it slipped and I dropped it. Guess what else hurts like hell? Second degree burns on your stomach. Plus I had to remake all the grilled cheeses.

Then my weekend was mostly boring. I accomplished nothing.

During last week, I accomplished nothing further, and got super pissy because it was so freaking cold in my house. I begged and pleaded to turn on the furnace. Well now it’s like indian summer outside and we don’t need it.

This weekend went ok. I’ve been wanting to get outside and run but it just hasn’t happened for me. Excuses, excuses right? I just need to make time to do it. We did clean out the basement though, which is a huge relief considering it was getting fairly gross down there. And M helped which made it all not so daunting.

And to wrap up the world’s most random post. They put stickers in our goodie bags for the RNR STL Marathon (both for the 26.2 and the 13.1). They say “I Rocked ____”. Well after the whole medal debacle, people started bitching about the stickers. Saying that they couldn’t get the paper off the back, or that the sticker wasn’t sticky. I finally looked at mine today, so I can put it on my car. It’s a vinyl window cling, not an actual sticker. Dumbasses. Really? You couldn’t tell it was a window cling? What planet do y’all live on?

And tune in tomorrow for my lunchtime adventure at Subway today. I’m not going to write about it now, just in case I need some material for tomorrow!


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