Adventures of the Subway (sandwich shop, not the train)

So pretty much the only places to eat around my work are McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway. So since I forgot to pack anything for my lunch yesterday, I decided to go to Subway and get a sandwich.

Now a few disclaimers before hand-

Subway is generally quite crowded at lunchtime, the parking lot is ridiculous, and they offer call ahead service. They generally have one person manning the meat/cheese/bread section, and another who does the veggie/sauces/dressing section and a third who rings everything out.

Back to the story.

So I pull into the parking lot and it is virtually empty. I’m thinking, “Score! No line at the Subway!”. So I get inside and there is only one lady ordering an ass-load of sandwich/salads (yes she had both and yes she had more than three). Generally, I’m one who hates the fact that people will come in and ordering 5 or 6 sandwiches at one time. They offer call a head service, utilize it! But that day I was in a rather generous mood and since she was the only one there NBD, right?

So I wait. The meat/cheese/bread lady was on her lunch break, so only one person was manning the counter. Again, NBD. So when the second lady comes out and ask me if I’m next, I turn to the lady in front of me and say, “Are you finished ordering all your sandwiches?”

She replies, “Yes I am done.”

So they start on my sandwich, and just as it gets to the veggie lady, Miss I order 27 sandwiches at one time turns to her and goes, “You also need to make me a foot long meatball sub. Now”.


Since they had started ringing her in, my sandwich had to wait. While they made her precious meatball sub. And the line is stretching out the door. Then, because she needs to pick out her chips and GOD FORBID she not have 25 fucking cookies that she picks out one by freaking one, I have to wait even longer.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why do you think you’re so damn special,  bitch?”

Well, see this wouldn’t have normally bothered me (as much as it did), but I ASKED her if she was done before starting my order and she said YES! Apparently she does not understand how things work at the Subway.

So, in order for all future Subway patrons not to piss me off and run the risk of getting shanked in the poorly designed parking lot, here are some tips for successful sandwich ordering:

  • Max walk-in order, 3 sandwiches to a person. Be respectful of everyone else. Some of us only get 30 minutes to eat, and it’s not fair for you to take 20 placing everyone in your offices orders. They have a call ahead service.
  • Remember, one person takes your meat/cheese/bread order and begins preparing it, the second person does your veggies and finishes the sandwich for you. One person is not your special “Subway Waitress”.
  • Know what you want ahead of time. Be very specific, not only in your order, but have your co-workers be very specific as well. Don’t whip out your cell and call them to double-check. They have online menus for a reason.
  • Get your chips and drinks a head of time. Don’t be that lady that waits for the total, and then adds twenty things to it.

So those are some helpful tips on ordering for the Subway Sandwich place.

Remember, don’t be a douche!


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