I Let My Haters Be My Motivators

And that my friends is going to be my motto for 2012.

Last year, due to all the drama, it was “Kill them with kindness, cause Karma is a bitch.” Worked out nicely. I eventually just stopped trying to convince everyone else that what a few people were saying about me wasn’t true and let my actions speak for themselves. Which worked well, for the most part. There are still a few people who are so utterly fascinated/threatened by me (for some reason unknown to me…I’m pretty dull!)

So I’m going to still focus on being a better person, and not let all the drama get to me. A friend of mine has what she calls a “Live Free” attitude/approach towards life.  She just doesn’t sweat the small stuff and the drama. I think we could all learn a little bit from that line of thinking.

And on to the next random subject-Pinterest.

I finally got my “invite” to Pinterest. Holy cow! Pretty much in love with it. I found a ton of stuff that I just adore already, and can’t wait to explore it more. And since I have my must have done items checked off at work, that might be what I spend the last few minutes of my day doing-since someone has been hi-jacking my laptop lately!

Also, via Pinterest, I found a pretty neat little blog, call The Small Things Blog. Girl has some major informative videos on how to do hair (she’s a professional stylist). Since I’m at a loss when it comes to my hair and either wear it straight, naturally curly, or (as it is most of the time) tossed up in a ponytail/messy bun, I’m loving her simply tutorials. I highly encourage you to check her out. I’m currently stalking her blog and trying to catch up by reading all of her old post. I also subscribe to her Youtube channel. (Yes I am weird like that).

Speaking of hair-I really need to get mine cut. I know I probably won’t go short for a long time, but I need something. I have pretty good hair-as far as fullness and texture and everything. Except that it has a bit of its own mind sometimes 😉 I often joke around and call it my “jew-fro” because of it’s naturally curly nature, and I’m pretty certain that if I wanted to try hard enough, I could indeed rock a full fledge fro. I’m kind of loving Reese Witherspoon’s piecey layered look she was sporting a few years ago, just a little longer. If I go to short-my hair tends to want to stand up a lot. Plus, the more layers generally the better for me because my hair is THICK! I guess that is one of the good genes I inherited from my folks 😉


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