And Here We GO!!

It’s officially 2012, kids…you know what that means-

Goal implementing time! And true to my nature, I did miserably the first 2 days.

But I did buy a book on overcoming chronic procrastination for my Kindle, I’ll read it later and fill you in on it ūüėČ

My weekend went pretty good. Got the house un-Christmased, went to a New Year’s Eve “party”, got some things done, and didn’t do some other stuff.

Friday night I hung out at my parents house for a bit and met their new kitten and ate some of their¬†Chinese that they had delivered before heading to Gulf Shores (the restaurant) to eat dinner with Big A, R & L, my BFLT¬†KT, and M. GH was supposed to join us but he was claiming to be sick. OMG, I had the best meal at Gulf Shores. I got the weekend special, which was a huge (18 oz) strip steak, 6 large shrimp, crab au gratin potatoes, and mixed veggies. I also had a cup of the calm chowder because it is so delicious. After that we went to Cold Stone Creamery for desert, where, much to my dismay, I found out that my favorite flavor Countrytime Pink Lemonade Sorbet, is only seasonal. So I had to get the coffee flavor. Which isn’t bad, I still like it but I had my heart set on the Sorbet. Major sad face ensued.

Next we went to Brunswick Lanes to attempt to bowl, but there was an hour-long wait, so we went old school and headed over to O’Fallon Lanes, which was still a good time. I couldn’t bowl because I forgot socks (and no way in hell am I going barefoot in bowling shoes), but everyone else had a blast.

Saturday¬†I headed off to Jo-Ann’s to grab some new fabrics to make the dogs new jackets for the winter. I have the design in my mind, we’ll see if it comes out the way I hope it too. Thinking more of a horse blanket style jacket. Then we went over to C & A’s house for the “party”. It was a semi-good time, but I was tired and spent most of the time trying to convince M that we should celebrate with the east coasters so that I could go home and go to bed.

Sunday, I dilly¬†dallied around the house for a bit and then headed over to my Grandparents house for New Year’s day dinner. It was pretty good and I made sure to eat my greens and black-eyed peas for good luck.

Monday, I attempted to get busy and managed to get the dog’s measurements, bake dog cookies, and make chicken and noodles as well and get the majority of the clothes washed. And the tree undecorated and out of the house and the ornaments put away. Then my general lazy/tiredness took over and I wanted nothing more than to nap the rest of the evening. But I didn’t and held strong.

The main reason for my tiredness is that I’ve been a bum and haven’t been taking my thyroid meds for like the last 2 weeks. I know I know, how can I expect to feel better if I don’t take my meds? Simple enough-I feel like absolute shit and won’t be doing that again any time soon!

I’m feeling a little tired right now, but I think that once I get to running and exercising and getting back on track with the meds that I will be feeling better. Off to finish this semi-productive first work day of the year!


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