Fifteen Things Friday- 2011 A Year in Review

1) Time to recap kids! I can’t believe (I know, I’m saying it again!) that 2011 is nearly over, and soon it will be time for do this whole rodeo again!

2) This was my second year doing taxes. I’m probably the most paranoid tax preparer there is out there. I’m honestly deathly afraid to make some kind of mistake. Doing taxes and dealing with people financial is probably one of the most personal things you can get into with total strangers (yes I said ONE of the most 😉 ).

3) I learned this year who my true friends are. I had to deal with some very hurtful drama caused by some very immature people. It was more than a little ridiculous. Eventually I just made my motto, “Kill them with kindness, karma’s a bitch” and everything finally seems to be dying down. For now, at least.

4) I’ve had time this year to really grow up a little bit. Yes, I’ll still revel in my “I told you so” glory when it’s a) appropriate and b) time. But I tried really hard this year to not get to bogged down with all the social dramatics that happened around me.

5) Since July 4th, I’ve run some type of race at least once a month. I love it! And for the record, no I still haven’t gotten my RNR STL half medal yet. Yes, I’m still a little bitter about it.

6) I love photography. I know I want to post more pictures on here, but I often forget either my camera or hard drive or both. But I still adore taking and editing photos.

7) Yes I’m fat and yes I have a pair of skinny (ish) jeans. Love tucking those suckers into boots!

8) With the exception of January, I’m hoping to do at least a 5k every month next year. Since I’ve been so dormant the last couple of months, I’m using January as my push-off point to try to get myself back into (semi)decent shape.

9) I’ve got some big goals to accomplish over the next year. And I think I’m ready for it. Maybe 😉

10) It was so terrible hot this summer. I’m hoping next summer isn’t quite a blistering as this one was. I really enjoy being outside, but not when it 100° out.

11) I’ve really enjoyed cooking this past year, and hope to branch out and cook some more this year. I love to try new stuff, and am always finding delicious recipes that I want to use.

12) I totally needed a vacation after my vacation this year. What was supposed to be a relaxing week at the lake was anything but. I don’t know what went wrong, but I hope that if we do it next year, it won’t feel so horrible.

13) Me thinks I’ll be doing some traveling next year (exciting!).

14) Apparently my year wasn’t quite as memorable as I thought it might be.

15) Happy New Year and I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend! I know tonight we got some bowling and dinner eating on our agendas, but I don’t know what the rest of the weekend holds…


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