My Hair

So remember yesterday how I wanted to get my hair cut? Well lucky for me, my friend MW was able to fit me in last night and give my hair a mini makeover. We (and by we I mean she) cut off about 5 and a half inches. That’s a lot of hair. Then she put in more layers, did some texturizing and face framing, and adjusted my bangs a bit. She got done and I was all, “my head feels a lot lighter now…”

I was going to take pictures but I have yet to master the awkward bathroom photo so I will just leave that to Skinny Runner, and try to get better pictures next time.

I’ve added a new race to the old calendar over there, the Truffle Shuffle! Instead of a finisher’s medal, you get a finisher’s mug and a custom finisher’s chocolate. Yeah, I’ll take that! So anyways-motivation I need to get my butt in gear and start tick off those miles? Yes! I need to get back on the right path and right now that path is going to be the lovely treadmill belt. But hopefully I’ll manage to fit in some runs on the weekends outside.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the type of house I want to have when we are ready to build. I know that I want at least a three bedroom house, each with a walk-in closet (the master will have his/her closets), a huge master bathroom, a half bath, maybe a jack & jill bathroom, a finished basement w/ gun-room (for M), a walk in pantry, big kitchen/dining area, living room, and a laundry room. But I want to know things like square footage and how much this sucker will cost me! Anyone know where I can find that stuff out?


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