Ye Ol’ Dreadmill!

I actually went running last night. I went as soon as I got off work. The only sucky part is that I had to run on the treadmill without any music. I tried to listen/watch the tv, but it sounded so loud when I turned it on that by the time I turned it down and started the treadmill, I couldn’t hear it.

However I did get my two miles done (yay me!) and did yoga on Sunday, which was nice. I just now realized that I totally forgot my plan to foam roll after I got home and had dinner and took care of the dogs. Oh well, I’ll get the chance to break that puppy in soon enough.

This season of Pretty Little Liars is intense! Is it bad that I’m addicted to an ABC Family show? It’s pretty much geared towards young adults/teens but I love it! And the show after it, The Lying Game, is pretty intense and interesting too. Definite must sees if you’re looking for a new show or two to watch.

Pretty excited for this year and to see what it has in store for me. Hopefully less drama and hard times than the past year. I’m ready to get the ball rolling!


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