My Pants Hurt Me

Ugh, my pants are so freaking tight today! I need to get back to the treadmill.

So I officially kicked off tax season Saturday with 6 returns. I love the fact that they like to change how our software presents information and not let us see it until we pretty much are sitting down with our first client. NOT! Makes for some confusing moments.

So since it snowed and iced on Thursday, I took a vacation day on Friday only to find out that I now have jury duty on the 26th. Hopefully, (cross your fingers for me) it will be cancelled. I just don’t understand jury duty. Perhaps, because it only goes out to registered voters, there should be a spot on the voter’s registration about whether or not you would like to participate. Because I do not want to! I’m sorry but your $20 a day doesn’t come close to comparing to what I make at one day of my job.

Saturday, I worked at the tax office all day. Sunday I had doggie spa day,  and then went to the club’s social event. It was actually pretty fun, although the “banquet” part was a little disappointing. You could tell that it had been dumped off on someone, and not a single other person had put much effort in to it. But other than that, it was a pretty good time. We bowled (I was having such a terrible day at bowling) and then played some laser tag.

Then I went home, and piddle around the house trying to finish up things. I think my dishes are breeding in the sink. Every time I walk in there they just keep multiplying. It’s a conspiracy against me!


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