And that wraps up that…

Honestly sometimes I think I may suffer from some type of selective mental defect. I order business cards today and they have the wrong site address on them. But all I need to add in are the hyphens, so I guess I’m technically ok. I can add in little dash marks when I get them (I only ordered 50).

What are the cards for you ask? Well as you all know I love me some photography, so I made a little photo blog, and I have been having people ask me to do their pictures. You can visit that site at (see the hyphens?).

Tax season is officially picking up and any day now it will be “peak”. Which means every dang person on the planet will be getting their w-2’s and charging into the office demanding to have their taxes done and blah blah so they can go spend their money on lord only knows what.

Bitter, party of one?

Some of the things I see as a tax preparer just blow my mind. And then we wonder why the country is in the state that it’s in. Way too many people have gimmie now attitudes. And some of the kids I meet that are going to represent our future? Don’t EVEN get me started!

All I can say is I’m a little scared sometimes…

But I don’t have to do taxes this weekend, which is nice, but I do have a meeting to attend and a then a birthday dinner party thing to attend so it’s not like I get to spend the whole weekend doing what I want…so unfair!


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