Oh Um…Hey There…

Yeah I realize it’s been a little while since I posted. I haven’t really had anything interesting to say. I couldn’t even think up anything to bitch about-so I just kind of stayed off the radar.

But, even though I still don’t really have anything to talk about, I suppose I will try to find something to whine about for a few minutes.

I really would like to get some more photography clients. Like real ones. I’ve had lots of people ask about my photography and doing pictures and such, but nothing has really come up since then. Oh well, maybe the boat show will get me a few more pet clients…we’ll just have to see.

I do get to do my first baby session next weekend. Which means I need to get on the ball as far as backdrops are concerned. Luckily, I’ll be shooting at my parent’s house, and they have a ton of fun little accessories and props to be able to put in the photos 🙂

Enough about photography!

As you can see, I really haven’t made a dent in my 1500 mile challenge. I really need to get serious (geez, how many times do I say THAT on here) and actually make time to go to the gym and on weekends to get out and run at least a couple of miles. I would have to say I’m not doing very well on my goals this year. I am however, working 3 hours of overtime every week to make some extra cash, which I will be putting away in my savings account (cross your fingers please), so that is another thing that kind of gets in my way. Getting up at four seems a whole lot harder than getting up at five. And I haven’t been sleeping that great lately either. Bummer 😦

My house is still a moderate disaster area. But lucky for me,  I don’t have crap to do this Sunday. So I may be able to actually get something done around the house. I have a huge list of things to do-laundry, towels, wash dogs, dog bedding, possibly dye backdrops, and I need to make some major progress on that. Maybe I will be able to just plug-in my ipod and rock everything out early in the morning so I can spend the remainder of the day doing things that I enjoy/want to do. Also, I only work until two on Saturday so that will be a nice break from the usual all day crap that I have to face during tax season.

Hopefully this weather shapes up before I have to head home. I would greatly appreciate not having to deal with hundreds of morons out driving like idiots simply because there is a slight drizzle and the roads are damp. It’d be really great if it could all dry out in the next two hours. Then I’d be super pleased!


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