Reunited and it feels so good!


I know, right? Pretty much a miracle 🙂 I actually even managed to run the whole time, with the exception of the .15 miles that I walked to warm up a little bit. I got in two miles total in about 36 minutes. And I felt good the entire time. I mean I was pushing myself a little bit, but not to the point where I wanted to die or I’d injure myself. I mean after all it’s been a minute since I’ve gone running.

Since February to be exact.

I also managed to get some shopping done today and I bought a new pair of shoes to wear to work obsessively. My old ones were a little worn out. Considering they had huge holes in the bottom and I have worn off half the soles. But they served me well little Blowfish flats. I worn them pretty much everyday for over a year, so I think they held up nicely. I also found these awesome little Rubbermaid lunch containers at Target called Lunch Blox. They have little kits-like a salad kit and a sandwich kit that come with trays and cups for dressings and what not and an ice pack to lock it all together and keep it all cool. I haven’t even used them yet and I’m already attached.

I’ve been trying to get my closet organized. I do it pretty much once a year. However at this point if I want to put anymore clothes away I am going to have to get another Rubbermaid tote because I filled the one downstairs up completely. But I freed up a ton of space and considering 90% of what is down there is stuff I won’t ever wear again anytime soon, I think it was a good called. Most of it is stuff that is too small but is still nice and when I start to lose weight I will probably go through it and decide what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of. For now, pretty much all of my things hanging up consist of hoodies and sweaters. Mostly hoodies 🙂

Well, I promised a post (no pictures sorry!) and delivered on my promise so I supposed now I should get off my ass and get busy with the rest of the crap I have to accomplish today. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a recipe!


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