Mother’s Day Weekend 2012


This past weekend was Mother’s Day (obvs) and I spent the ENTIRE weekend with my family.


In all reality it wasn’t too awful bad. We did have fun, but there were definitely some sucky-ish parts that put a damper on things. Yes, I’m looking at you stupid spa employee.

Friday night I went to yoga. We practices armstands and headstand and I think last Sunday at yoga I tweaked my shoulder during class. Because it’s ached a little ever since then. Friday night it got a little heated as well. Then it was home for dinner with M and an early bedtime, since I was doing pictures @ 7 a.m. and had to get up around 6 to make to the location on time.

Pictures on Saturday were a blast.  I can’t wait to really start looking at them and getting them edited on my laptop! Then it was off to the casino to have spa day with my mother and my sister. Normally I am not a fan of strange people touching me, but it was all ok. I didn’t really care for the massage (it hurt!) but I enjoyed everything else, the scrub treatment, facial, and manicure. Also lunch. I had the most tasty Portobello sandwich and fresh fruit. For dinner we had seafood at Pearl’s which was pretty tasty again. Then a little gambling time in the casino which went fairly well for both me and M, and then home and to bed because I was freaking tired.

Sunday was the official day of mothering, and I got treated to a Waffle House breakfast. I had been wanting to go to WH for a while now, so that was nice 🙂 Then we killed some time wandering around Lowe’s were I picked up an orchid for my mother and a new water filter for our fridge at home. Then over to Charlie’s to pick up a new chainsaw chain and a hanging plant for M’s mother. Then to their house to gift it to her, then home for a minute and then off to my folks for MD dinner. First stop though, Target!

I’ve been wanting to get a little point and shoot digital camera for a while now, just to take quick shots for the blog and to have to carry with me, because I can’t alway haul my big DSLR every where and my GoPro doesn’t have a) that long of a battery life and b) a screen for reviewing. So I picked up this little cutie at Target:

Honestly this picture is actually showing the camera to be much bigger than it is in real life! So with this bad boy, expect lots more pictures on here-maybe even a few including my ugly mug!

After getting greeted by this pretty sight this morning-

I got to have some horrible face to face time with this diaster-

Yeah, that’s 20+ files for invoicing.

Tonight is going to be fairly low-key. No planned running or anything, just some errands and then dinner and a trip with the pups to the dog park.


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