I Forgot


To take my allergy medicine this morning. And I am so itchy and crap that it’s about to drive me insane! Last time I will forget to do that two days in a row 😦

No pictures so far today, mostly just been piddling around with little things at work. I also didn’t get to take the dogs to the dog park last night. After lunch my stomach started to hurt a little and it just kept up all night long. I don’t really know what the deal was, so I figured I’d just stay at home instead of venturing out to the land of little cell service and one port-a-potty. Plus I wound up getting home super late, since I had to stop and get a couple of perscriptions filled and then had to battle some crazy accident traffic on the way home. So, I was a little bummed that my evening didn’t go as planned.

Tonight should be better though, since I feel exceptionally better than I did last night and I have zero errands to run. So I plan on running, taking the dogs out, and having a bit of extra time at the end of the day to work on stuff around the house. This weekend I have a baby shower on Saturday and then the Zoo 5k on Sunday. Plus, the boys will probably all be at the house helping split wood from the giant tree that we had taken down. So much to do so little time it seems. It’s hard when you spend 12 hours a day away from home.

That’s one thing I miss about working at the bank in Troy, I was never more than 10 minutes from home. And even when I worked at some of the other branches, I still was able to get home within 20 minutes. And the 45 minute lunch break didn’t hurt either. Some times I wish I was still in banking. But I also wouldn’t have some of the opportunities I have now. Six one way, half a dozen the other I suppose.

So did anyone else hear or see the video of the idiot reporter who turned her interview with Cardinal’s third baseman David Freese into her own personal speed dating session? I was able to find it (someone has been pulling it from the web, I don’t know if it’s the tv station she works for, or Card’s PR), and the girl looks like an absolute moron!! Seriously, she told him the whole interview was basically going to be her hitting on him heavily (with her friend of course) and then she asked him at the end if he thought they were cute. Really, because he’s going to make himself look like an ass if he says no. Baited questioning! Thanks for making woman-kind look a little more desperate lady!


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