Yuck. I did manage to get in two miles last night, but they weren’t as good as I had hoped. I really need to foam roll tonight and be more religious about that because my legs were a total disaster. I even took time to stretch a bit before I started running, and as always I walked the first 3 minutes just to get the blood flowing after sitting all damn day. But my calves were so tight it was almost painful! I even paused to briefly try to stretch them out during my run. It made the next mile even suckier than the first. Also, I felt so thirsty on my run, and my mouth was so dry all day. Which can only mean that I am super dehydrated. I’ve hardly been drinking any water lately, and that is no beuno. So I am going to focus more in the up coming days on less soda, more water.

After that I headed home to get the dogs ready to go to Canine Country. It was pretty nice out, and they were very excited. So excited that one of them shit in the backseat. I would say thank the Lord for the seat cover, except they managed to waller it everywhere so I guess I’ll be cleaning the car tonight! Better remember my fabric/upholstery cleaner from work. My car is over due for an actual cleaning anyways, and since I’m skipping yoga tonight to prevent further damage to my already sore toe (more in a minute), I think tonight is the night that I will give it hell.

So back to the whole toe thing. I’m not certain if it’s just bruised badly, or if it may actually be broken, but I’m still doing my 5k on Sunday. Last night we went to the large field to do our post swim dry out walk, and I noticed they had put in some mini-agility equipment to practice on and get your dog used to it before taking on the big equipment in the arena. I was working with the BooBoo dog on the teeter when the Yellow Dog decided to jump on the end of the teeter that was in the air, and it came smashing down on my foot. It isn’t really affecting my walking gait, and it’s not terribly sore when I wiggle my toe up and down, but if I press on the top of it or bend my toe a certain way, it hurts a bit. So I will probably ice it again tonight, tomorrow, and for the rest of the week in hopes of it not bothering me too much come Sunday.

I don’t know if we will traverse the zoo on Sunday or not, since I don’t know if M will be coming with me. He’s never been to one of my races before so I’m not expecting much, but who knows? I do know that I will be getting to the zoo VERY early on Sunday since I have to pick up my packet and everything. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a zoo membership, since it gets you free parking and several anywhere passes. Plus sneak peaks to new things. I think it’d be really fun!


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