Whoop de do…

This past weekend was a lot of fun, regardless of a couple of small bumps along the way 😉

Friday night after work I headed out to our club event in Illinois. I used my GPS to get home from there. It took me through the hoodest part of the ghetto possible. It was much worse than the time I got stuck in Stripper town, by Roxy’s (where strippers go to die). Super scary. THEN I got stuck in construction traffic, then accident traffic, and THEN I had to sit a Taco Bell for a million years before I could order. Where the shit did all these people come from at 10 o’clock at night?

So anyways, I get up to the speaker, and I honestly felt a little bad, because I  had to customize my order a bit and the people in front of me had ordered 10 things, ALL customized. All I needed was to leave a few things off. So I order and repeat myself three times “NO LETTUCE AND NO FIESTA on the GORDITAS”. So I get my food and pull away from the window and check it. And it’s wrong. So I go inside because I thought it was still open and apparently it wasn’t even though people were still in there and the doors were unlocked. And the night manager said, “People should be slapped because apparently they can’t read”. I was all whatever, my shit is wrong fix it. AND IT WAS STILL WRONG!!!

I don’t eat gorditas so I don’t really know what the consist of, but they do not consist of a crunchy shell. And that what these had. So a big long dramatic evening ensued once I got home.

Then Saturday, everything was going well until I tried to leave the event. Apparently a woman and her son had tipped over on her scooter chair behind my car and I didn’t know they were there. I almost hit them! Super scary!

I also got a rocking sunburn on Saturday and now it’s peeling 😦

Sunday went well, I bailed a little early on tear down, but there wasn’t much for me to do, plus the dog was being a brat so I trucked on home. I was so exhausted and didn’t feel well (allergies much?) that I didn’t go to work on Monday. So…now I get to play catch up with everything!

I’ve been a little vacant on here and that is hopefully going to be changing soon, since I’m working on being more organized! There are tasty recipes being lined up for Recipe Redux on Saturdays and all new Sunday Solitudes coming your way so I hope you like them 🙂


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