O’Fallon Firecracker 5k Race Review


Packet Pickup

I don’t know why I continue to refer to it as packet pickup when you are just getting your shirt and bib, but for some reason it just sticks. Anyways,  pick up was held at the Big River Running O’Fallon location, which is smart on their part to drive customers to their store before a race. There wasn’t a line when I went (Monday) and you basically checked yourself in on a little computer and got your bib and shirt. They gave out nice tech shirts this year, that aren’t hideous, so I will probably be wearing it again to work out in. I also bought a red sparkly Sweaty Band (love the sweaties!).

Race Day Morning

This event is held down by the River City Rascals ballpark so there is a ton of free parking, which is awesome. The only non awesome part is the hike to get to the start. Once there everyone just mills around the ball park until the race gets under way. They started a couple of minutes late (not a huge deal), because they still had quite a few people registering or picking up numbers.

The Course

The course is kind of boring, not a whole lot to see or look at, but not super hilly or pancake flat. So you don’t get too bored. This year they had three water stations set up (I don’t recall if there were this many last year or not) which was awesome considering it was SO hot and humid out on the course. The course itself provides minimal shade so it got pretty brutal. Also one of the fire departments set up a little sprinkler type thing for us to run under which is awesome as well. The finish was inside the ball park but not on the field like last year since they were going for the world record 60 hour ball game.


I really enjoy this race and am definitely signing up to do it again next year. It’s a fun way to start out the holiday, and if you’re ever in town, you should sign up!


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