Oh Man…


Looks like I’m going to have to buy a new iPod. Mine bit the dust on the fourth and M’s is looking like it’s not going to hold a charge. Crap.

SO disappointing. I was hoping mine might come back to life, but after 6 years of hard use I guess it was time to call it quits. And M’s green iPod (my wedding present to him) has been replaced by an iPod Touch (my anniversary present to him), so it’s just been sitting for a couple of years and I think that may have affected it’s battery I’m sure. But in looking at the new nano’s, they have a little clip on them so that could come in handy when I’m working out.

I have declared July my get my shit back together month. So far for the first week I haven’t been doing too bad. I reviewed my 2012 goals, and sadly haven’t met too many of them. But that’s what the mid-point of the year is for. I will most likely do another post on them to see where I’ve gotten and what I might have to put on the back burner for next year.

M said the last night that we might not go to Texas for his cousin’s wedding in September. Which would be just fine with me. I do want to go and see everyone, but I might not have enough time to take it all paid from work, and then I’d have to deal with boarding the dogs, and all that fun stuff. Plus it’s all drive 13 hours spend two days (one of which will be the wedding) then drive 13 hours home, so it’s almost too stressful. Plus with all the wedding craziness, we won’t get to visit with everyone.

Ahh, I’m looking forward to this weekend. No hard plans with anyone except for Sunday, when we will help with the parade for the fair and then Saturday morning I want to head out to the Gateway Retrievers training day. But that’s all and I’m very happy about that!


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