iPhone Home

Yep, this chick moved right on into the super fabulous, hipster-esque clique by getting herself an iPhone 5 last night. Along with a sweet blue OtterBox case.

So pretty!

But I stayed up entirely to late last night messing around with it so I am dead today. Honestly have not wanted to do one thing involving thinking, or moving, or any combination of those two things what so ever. And when I have to, I want to throw a straight two-year old style temper tantrum.

But since I can’t do that and I have to be a grown up, I keep trying to not fall asleep at my desk.

Did I mention we went and saw Lawless for our anniversary? I may not have, but holy Tom Hardy! Even though he plays a grubby mountain moonshiner, good lord that man is hot! Don’t blame the bar maid one bit for falling in love with him.

Although I did watch that one movie with him & Reese Witherspoon in it, and a friend pointed out that his teeth are crooked…and then that was all I could look at for the rest of the film.

This weekend I am doing a walk and a 5k. I am missing the Race to Cure Lymphoma this year because a) I wasn’t paying attention and b) I’m doing the Stroll to Stomp Out Breast Cancer with my MIL and SIL. Why I don’t know because it goes straight down a hill and then right back up it. And it’s steep. And it last for an entire mile of the two-mile walk. But I’m just walking and it will be with family so perhaps I won’t die to much of a horrible death.

Sunday I am doing the Racin for Rescues 5k. Which I did last year and it was a super fun little race. I haven’t signed up yet (total procrastinator here) but since it’s a relatively small race I should be ok to sign up on race day.

In conclusion of the world’s most random blog post-M makes fun of me for downloading older songs that I love onto my iTunes library. I’m sorry, but I think a lot of today’s music is crap. Like that “Want You Back” song for example. I’m sure the girl has lots of nice songs, but that one makes me want to poke out my eardrums! Between the whiny sentiments and the annoying “Unnghhh” that happens every 5 seconds I just can’t take it. It could have been a good song. Hence the reason I chose to download some Aaliyah today. Such a terrible thing she died so young. She had some true talent.

Now off to try to wake up a little bit-I foresee a Coke in my immediate future!


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