Weather or Not

If there is somewhere on planet Earth that I can live and have decent, consistent weather all year-round, please let me know so I can schedule my move as soon as possible. Thank you!

M is not necessarily the most picky person on the planet, but I’m sure he’s close. We all have our quirks. One of his is his absolute resistance to switching the AC/heater on and off. It’s either AC on, heater on, or both off. There is no switching back and forth. Or turning one on for a day and then turning it off. Slightly annoying since the weather here can’t decide what it wants to do. Late Indian summer or early winter chill? We’ll take 50/50 please.

One day it’s 80, the next it’s 45. How am I supposed to cope?

Speaking of the weather, I’m hoping this rain moves on out of here by this evening so I can go running. Because I actually want to. So I can be semi-energized to accomplish stuff at home like laundry and dishes. Because that would be fantastic.

Douchebag Parkers

I didn’t pack ANYTHING today except water, so I went to Subway for lunch. The town I work in is very small and only has 5 places to get something to eat (other than the gas station) and those are McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway, and Dominos. There are two bar & grill type places, but they take forever so I don’t frequent them. Now here’s the other thing about where I work. It’s a huge industrial area. In less than one mile, there are three factories that employ several hundred people. So that can make things pretty jam-packed at lunch time. And this fellow does not need to be taking up to spaces. He does it everyday. I think he owns one of the businesses in the plaza with Subway in it. He had a huge Ford pickup and I guess downgraded to this smaller one, but still can’t park. I asked a police officer about it once and he said that he couldn’t do anything since it was a private lot. Bummer.

So anyways, I was wanting a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriayki sandwich from the Subway, but once I finally got to order (poor girl misunderstood someone and put mustard on their sandwich and had to remake it), I find out they are out of the sweet onion sauce. So I had to go with my back up sandwich:

BLT on white-minus the T plus onions and ranch

I get double meat on this because 1) I love bacon and 2) they only give you like three pieces if you don’t. No bueno on that. And then because I prefer my bacon heated separately, they wad it up into a little roll and it only winds up on one side of my sandwich. #subwayproblems

Quick side story-I once went to dinner with a guy who had his dad’s very nice car and double parked at the back of restaurant because he was worried about it getting messed up. When we came out the windshield was completely covered in a layer of ketchup.

I’ve also started my Christmas list. Do any of you make Christmas lists any more? I do it because I want to give people an idea of things I really like, so that they can get me something I will enjoy and use versus something that I will just put in a closet or corner somewhere. And we all know my house is tiny and I have nowhere to put ANYTHING. So now I will probably be sharing random items from my list with you! Lucky, lucky…

A camo Otterbox fo sho! I do hunt, so I feel I can justify being a little on the redneck side (because basically, I am a little redneck I suppose 🙂 ). I want this version with the orange and AP camo and NOT the pink version because I do not prefer the pink camo version. M doesn’t understand why I need more than one phone case. I tried to explain to him that I need variety and choices, but I don’t think he understood. I also found a website that can customize Otterbox cases and they have a zebra print one that I adore. That’s on my list as well this year. Because I heart camo and zebra!



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