So yeah-I’m basically the worst blogger on the face of the planet. Sorry 😦

It’s been a particularly busy time for me both at home and at work.  At work I have this ridiculously huge mailing to get done, by myself, while keeping up with all the other aspects of my job. Like this:

Invoicing will be the death of me

Then at home, I swear that people are coming over and creating messes just for me to clean up. And that is not cool my friends so very, very not cool.

But in other news, I got some great new the last time I went to the doctor (last Tuesday). After getting there 15 minutes late (not a huge deal, they are almost always 15 to 20 minutes behind schedule) and waiting for 2 hours, I learned that I have reached a dose of medication for my thyroid that keeps me in my normal range! This now means that any tiredness I have is strictly related to my laziness and not my thyroid.

It also means it’s time to really focus on my weight-loss because everything is all leveled out now. I KNOW that the more I workout and stuff that the better I will feel, but it’s hard sometimes when you spend a huge chunk of your day just sitting. But hopefully, I can find my stick-to-it-ness and make it happen.

So in my attempt at better eating I brought all this in my lunch box:

Lunch & Snacks: Honeycrisp Apple, Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt(Vanilla/Chocolate), and a California Roll (or 2/3 of one) with some soy sauce.

That was supposed to be my lunch. However I got super hungry (because I didn’t really have breakfast, just a latte) and my giant water and apple wasn’t cutting it:

So I ate the remainder of my sushi and had to go out for lunch. Moral of the story: Eat Breakfast!

I’m now also taking a multi-vitamin and a biotin supplement during the weekdays. I get so busy during the weekend that I can only remember to take the bare minimum of my meds (only those prescribed and that I *need* to take everyday), so my current focus is to just make it count for the week.

This weekend was super busy for me as well. Friday night I had dinner with my parents since M was manning the firehouse, and then Saturday went almost nothing like I had planned. I did go to the Expo and jump the yellow dog, but my sister-in-law, mother-in-law and niece all came down to watch and surprise us. So after that we had lunch at Five Guys, hit Bass Pro, made a stop by Treats Unleashed, and then I went and helped my father-in-law with a senior photo session. Then we went out to dinner at Stony River for Adam’s birthday. So delicious! I had a steak. I chose a cheaper cut so that I could get it Oscar’d. Try it sometime, especially if you love crab. So good.

Sunday I got up and WENT TO YOGA!! Finally. I looked at my attendance the other day and it was pretty pathetic. So I need to back on the ball there. And even though I am sore muscle-wise, my back isn’t bothering me at all today. Then it was grocery shopping, home for lunch, a senior session of my own, home for laundry, and then I drove out to Busch to meet with some else to do photos-but they didn’t show up. There was some confusion on both parts as to when and where we were meeting.

I’m taking this evening off from running, first because my right shin is bothering me a little today for some reason, and secondly to get to all the stuff that I managed to not get to over the weekend. I’m hoping it doesn’t rain on my way home, although the sky looks not to promising 😦




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  1. Looks like you were prepared for a very busy day. Kudos to you!

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