Whiny McWhinerston

So sorry for my severe lack of blogging recently, I’ve been busy trying to prep and get ready for World’s in two days!

But I thought I would at least give you a little something to read about.

So far, November has been a struggle. I’ve felt crappy, I had fights with M, and in general have just been in such a down and out mood it’s been crazy. It seems like nothing is going right, even when it is, and I’ve just been tired as all get out. And I don’t know why.

I know it sounds like I’ve been on repeat and whining about the same things-but I do feel a little stuck.

So, during World’s I’m going to be thinking up a new plan with a new attitude. And hopefully, just this once, it can be something that I actually commit to and hold myself accountable for. Because, I’m tired of writing whiney posts about this crap.  I’d like to actually have something fun to talk about!



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