Get Yo Schtuff Together

I’ve declared December to be my get my shit together month…start 2013 off right.So far, I’ve been doing ok. This particular weekend is going to be a busy one though.

Tonight, R & L and the kiddos are coming to the Main Street Christmas Traditions with us. We’ve done it for the past 3 or so years (maybe 4?). The Historic Main Street district decks everything out and then there are tons of actors & actresses playing various Christmas/Holiday time characters. They hand out trading cards to the kids and there’s just always fun stuff to see. Afterwards we go to Cracker Barrel and have dinner.

Then tomorrow I’m doing the Santa Dash 5k again. So that will be fun. My sister and a couple of her friends are doing it as well, but I don’t know that I will see them out on the course since they are faster than me I believe. Afterwards, I’m implementing the get the damn house cleaned phase of getting my shit together. I want it CLEANED and not just “cleaned”.

Sunday we are going on our annual Christmas tree-ing adventure. First stop, breakfast, then on to the tree farm, and then off to a few wineries. Hopefully I will have lots of pictures to show you. I just might wear my Garmin, just to see how far we really walk. Then we are probably going to put the tree up Sunday night, and decorate it later in the week.

I hope your weekends will be filled with as much fun as mine!


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