My Weekend

Kicked off with this-

Happy Birthday, Mama!

We went to the Matador for my Mom’s birthday dinner, and there were plenty of shots and margaritas to go around! Then it was back to their house for cake and ice cream and then home to bed.

Saturday I woke up with major plans for cleaning-none of which happened by the way because my house was too cold for me to stand it! So I headed out to buy dog food and stopped off at the Meadows and found a neat little shop called  Alter’d State. They have some really cute stuff and a lot of it goes to help charities and organizations, like the one in Africa that helps women learn to support themselves by having their own business type venture (I don’t remember the name of it!). Tons of cute shirts, shoes, jewelry, coats, and scarves. Then I went back home and tried to do more housework (fail) until it was time to head off for my photo session. Then I went to Moto Sushi for dinner since M had to work a wedding reception at the fair grounds.

This picture always cracks me up! All the other handicap spaces in this parking lot have a normal symbol on it, but this one got a little wonky.

Sunday was another busy day-up early to make breakfast and then I headed to one of my favorite places:

Class was really good and I felt really great afterwards. I’m so glad that I’ve been making time for yoga again! I really feel great and someone even complimented me and said that they noticed I was getting better at some of the poses 🙂 Made me feel really good!

Then I strolled down the street to get my reward for not canceling out on any of my classes that week- an Aloha Pablo smoothie from Picasso’s.

So good I can’t help but love them. Please ignore my chipped as heck polish there. I need to repaint stat! I will most likely be doing that this evening.

Then after I got home and attempted a little more housework, we headed to my grandparents house and had an early dinner/late lunch of lasagna, salad, and garlic bread with them. Then it was home to my toasty house (yes I finally got M to turn the furnace on!) and I spent the rest of the evening not doing a whole lot of anything.

I’m on the fence about running tonight. I have so much that I need to do at home, which is one of the biggest issues I have with taking any time at all for myself. I always feel guilty leaving the house a mess to go run or go to yoga, but when I’m at home I don’t do anything because it’s all so overwhelming. Total catch 22 really.






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