It’s Margarita Friday, Y’all

Every Friday my parents go to this little Mexican restaurant in the Valley called the Matador. And they have margaritas. Hence, margarita Friday. This Friday however, we are celebrating my Mom’s birthday, so it’s even extra special.

My plans to walk before yoga last night got completely spoiled by the fact that the temp dropped 20 some odd degrees between work and the studio, and then it was raining. So I sat outside the studio and worked on a scarf I’m making. Which I unraveled and restarted today because I didn’t like the looks of. Good thing I wasn’t too far along on it.

Class went well-no peanut butter incidents. I managed to hold modified side plank for the whole time we did it, even though my noodle arms were shaking like a leaf! I tried to get a calories burned count but my Garmin was being ridiculous and not working properly. But now it’s back to normal-so weird.

That’s pretty much all I have for you today-but I will leave you with one question. I have several recipe posts that I want to make, but I’d like to get some pictures of the finished product first, and also actually try them, so I can give honest reviews of them. So keep your eyes open for future tried and tested Saturday recipe posts. But for Sunday-do you like the Sunday solitude posts, or would you like me to mix them up a little bit? Maybe reflect on some of the projects I’m working on, or some of the Pinterest things I’ve tried? Let me know in the comments!


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