Lobster & Cheese

Like I figured, no workout last night. I was slightly bummed by that fact. Oh well, tonight I’m going to get some walking in before yoga, and tomorrow I’m going to try to get some walking in before dinner for my Mom’s birthday. I also want to stop by Ross’s tomorrow (we just got one here in Chesterfield) and see what kind of deals they have going on. It’s like a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s from what I understand.

Last night I was on my way home, trying to figure out where to go to dinner for M’s birthday when I decided we should go to BC’s Kitchen in the Meadows at Lake St. Louis. We hadn’t been there in a while so I thought it would be a good place to eat. We ordered the chicken nachos as an appetizer and then I had the lobster & cheese ravioli. Which came with scallops and shrimp and a lobster cream sauce. It was pretty rich! It was good, but not something that I would likely order again. Just a bit too rich for me. M was going to do ribs, but decided against it because he was worried how much would get caught in his beard (he grows it out each duck season) so he opted for a wood fired pizza instead. They really only had three different choices on the menu, two regulars and one specialty. He picked the one with pepperoni on it and had them take off the peppers and olives (good choice). It was really good! Made me wish I had either gone with that or a sandwich almost.

In hindsight, we should have gone to Lwyellen’s or Gulf Shore’s, but I was unaware that I would be planning this dinner. So I didn’t put a whole lot of thinking time in it. I just thought of a nice place that we liked and went. In the event any of you are wondering, I got him a gift card to an indoor gun range he frequents. Apparently one of our friends was supposed to inform of a class he was wanting to take there, but they failed on that one.

I recently went through everything I have on my Kindle and deleted a few things and subscribed to some new magazines. I ditched a few bad buys-not books but things that I don’t even understand why they have an e-reader version for and were not what I thought they were. I also cleaned up the apps section. I play very few games, period, but there were a few I had on my Android phone that I had to delete trying to make space so I could email videos. Those were Angry Birds and Words with Friends. I probably won’t download Words again, but Angry Birds was fun. There is also a restaurant game thing that M has on his Xoom that I might download for my Kindle. Magazines I subscribe to are Cosmo, Runner’s World, and Yoga Journal. I used to just subscribe to Cosmo and Us Weekly, but Weekly wasn’t my thing. Plus it was $6 a month. Now I have three magazines I know I will read for the amount of that one subscription. Win win!

I’ve found since I’ve gotten my Kindle and iPhone, it is much easier for me to spend money on music, books, and other entertainment. I have some TV episodes that I downloaded on to my Kindle that I need to watch. I want to figure out how to take something off my Kindle, but store it in my Cloud so it’s not gone for forever-anybody got any tips on that?


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