Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Alternately titled “Every Husband’s Nightmare”

Ha Ha Ha!

When I first got the crazy idea into my head to start running, I tried to dive in head first with a marathon. I had no real concept of what running 26 miles was. I only made it to 19. Could not finish and could barely function for about a week afterwards. Anyways, I bought a pair of shoes off the Internets from and they were the Ascis Nimbus 9.


They were ok shoes, but I knew nothing about getting properly fitted, etc, so they probably weren’t the best choice. After my attempt at the marathon, I tried to running in them again, and it was a horrible experience. Just awful. So I quit running. Until I got married, went to Hawaii, and bought a pair of Nike Shox at the Nike store there.

nike-shox-womensMine weren’t pink and silver, but this is pretty much the exact shoe I got. So I ran in them for a while, and wore them when I completed my first half marathon. Then my dog ate them and I was devastated. Which reminds me, that I need to get a pair to replace my Hawaii honeymoon Shox. So I bought a pair of Adidas shoes.

unnamedI got the Supernova Glides (similar to the ones above) and they worked pretty well for me. But because I am a total techie nerd sometimes, when I Nike + came out, I wanted to get that and a pair of shoes with the pocket in them. So that what I did and got these:



They were Nike Pegasus running shoes and they were simply ok. I didn’t really care for them and I never could get the whole Nike + thing to work properly so I just quit wearing them and got some Adidas microbounce shoes.

inciteThese I really didn’t like. They were too big, and made my feet hurt/go numb in weird places. Plus, there really isn’t any “bounce” to them. They’re a pretty stiff shoe. So I finally bit the bullet and went to a running store to get fitted. For realzies.

And after having my gait and foot analyzed I came home with these bad boys:

Saucony-Progrid-Omni-10-front-mensYes I know they’re men’s shoes, but I still like them and apparently I have “man-feet”. Saucony Omni 10. Love it. They’re still holding up well, even though I don’t have a super huge amount of miles on them. Maybe 100. If I’m lucky. They’ve brought me a long way with my running and they’re now going to be my trail running shoe of choice.

Then I found out that if you spent a certain amount of dollars in Brooks merchandise before the RnR STL event, that you would get a pass to use the VIP Porta Potties. So that’s when my love affair with Brooks began…

BROOKSPURECADENCEThis shoe, the Pure Cadence, is part of their Minimalist series. I really like these shoes, but for someone of my size, they aren’t the best option for running long. At least not at the moment. So I decided to get another pair of shoes to add into the mix and came home with these Brooks beauties:

120123_444_a_ZMSo pretty!

I haven’t worn them out yet for a run (still running around like crazy trying to get my act together), but I feel that it will be happening soon! Brooks Adrenaline 13. They felt really nice at the store. I loved the way the felt on my heel and the midsection of my foot. I can’t wait to try them out!









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