Twas the weekend before Christmas…

And I still don’t have all my danged presents bought!

Some people are just really hard to shop for, like my Father-in-law. He has to be one of the most difficult people on the planet to shop for. I’m convinced the only year I had a great present idea for him was the first year I dated my hubs, and every year after that has been a struggle. But I think I figured out what to get him and have to get that bought sometime this weekend. And finish up my sister and sister-in-law’s gifts.

And buy some groceries at the store.

And then I’m off for four glorious days! Woot Woot!

So my days might be a little busy, but I can handle that. Tonight, I’m going to grab a few gift items, and then maybe get my uni-brow waxed. Then it’s off to margarita Friday with the rents and M. Then home to wrap gifts and such.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be doing a craft day with the kiddos. Both my nieces and my nephews. That’s what aunts are supposed to do, right? I’m pretty excited for it. I’ve got three or so little activities planned, and then lunch. And then they will be united back with their parents. And I will be happy I don’t have kids of my own 😉

Sunday, I’m going to make cookies and get the dogs cleaned up to go to my parents for “granddog christmas day”. Since all of our dogs are big dogs, it makes it a little crazy to have all three of them at the house on holidays with everyone else. So we are going to do a little gift giving and such on Sunday.

Monday is Christmas Eve, and I don’t think I have any concrete plans, other than our annual lunch at Krumbly Burger. Every year we have lunch there. It was something the boys started in high school, and we’ve done it pretty much every year since then. Later that evening, we will probably head next door to have Christmas with our friend’s, who are pretty much family.

Then Tuesday is Christmas!

And then back to work for me on Wednesday 😦


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