So the world didn’t end in 2012, and here we are facing yet another year to try and make some changes in our lives. Some people make resolutions, some people set goals, and some people don’t do anything.

A crazy huge percentage of people don’t even keep their resolutions/goals through the first month (myself included in that!). So this year I decided to focus more on making the necessary changes I need to make in order to live a better, healthier life instead of focus on a bunch of different goals.

My holidays went fantastic! I got tons of awesome stuff for Christmas, and New Year’s Eve was really fun. New Year’s Day got a little chilly when we were out shooting clay birds, but I managed to pull through it and come out without losing any of my toes or fingers to frost bite! Then we went to my grandparent’s house for a visit and to have some dinner.

Yesterday (and today) I woke up feeling not quite 100%. My throat was a little sore and I’ve just been a little tired. But I powered through and had a date with the treadmill last night to get in a couple of miles so I’m not completely unprepared for the 5k on Saturday. Since I was on the treadmill, I decided to time my “laps” I made around the track.

  • Lap 1- walk/ran 4:22
  • Lap 2- ran 3:45
  • Lap 3- walked 5:02
  • Lap 4- ran 3:49
  • Lap 5- walked 5:09
  • Lap 6- ran 3:50
  • Lap 7- walked 5:02
  • Lap 8- ran 3:50

I wishes I could have pushed it a little harder but since I’ve been such a bum the past few months, or the whole past year to be honest, I didn’t want to make myself sick or hurt.

Tonight I have yoga, which I haven’t been to in forever either. I just got back into the swing of going and they changed the schedule up on me so I had to take a minute and figure out when exactly I was going to take classes. But I’ve gotten all those scheduled out for the entire month of January. Now just to make myself go to all of them!


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