More than Ready



This is definitely a much, much better view (even though it’s a bit chilly out) than what I had to look at for most of the week here. It’s not fun to have to drive the hour long trip to work in a nearly constant torrential downpour.



I’m so happy that the weather is turning around and that tax season is over with now. I’m more than ready to hit the roads and trails and start running. I’m also glad that I have this weekend off from nearly everything to get my house in order (I seriously have to, you guys. It’s a freaking diaster!). With the exception of getting my hairs did tomorrow, I’m widely open for a weekend of getting shit done. Which needs to happen. I can’t believe I still have not managed to get my crap together. Pray for my success, people!

I’m pretty excited about getting my hairs done tomorrow. I will try to post some before and after pictures…if I can remember…which it’s highly plausible that I may forget.

Anyways-have a great weekend everyone!!


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