Time to Get Going

Today kicks off my half marathon training (yes I really do need 24 weeks to train!). I’m supposed to do two miles tonight, but we will see how that goes I reckon. I might want to do more. I decided to go run at a newer park that is only a few miles up the highway from my exit. It looks like it might be a pretty good place to put down the miles.

So I don’t know what it was, but this morning I couldn’t stand to drink my coffee (Hazelnut) and then about halfway through the Larabar I was eating for breakfast things just got rough and finishing those last few pieces really started to get to me. Crazy. So I don’t know if it was that particular flavor of Larabar (Banana Nut Bread) or if it was just the bar in general. I guess we will have to see if any of the other that I bought have the same effect.

I guess it’s time to throw in the towel and go see a chiropractor about my back and hip. Off and on for the past few weeks I wake up with it hurting super bad and also kind of numb at the same time. I don’t know what the deal is, but it doesn’t matter if I’m laying on it or not. The only time it starts to feel better is when I lay on my back. Which is how you’re supposed to sleep anyways, but I don’t really fall asleep much that way. So in addition to my search for a dermatologist, I now have to search for a chiropractor as well.

My weekend went pretty well. Friday night was of course, Margarita Friday. Then we headed over to the neighbor’s house since some friends (her daughter & son-in-law) were back in town and were having a little party. Fun times equaled a very late night for me. Saturday I got up and headed to get my hairs done. So far I’m loving it! Then it was Target, Deirbergs, and Mannino’s for grocery stuffs and home to make dinner.

Sunday I didn’t go ANYWHERE! I got up and made breakfast, did some dishes and laundry (I have nearly all my laundry done-towels included!), did a little house cleaning and made some awesome pork tenderloin for dinner. I thought it was very good, M said it was ok. So now I have that to add to my salads for the week, woot woot.

Now back at work, I can tell my late nights over the weekend are really wearing on me. I’m ready for a nap, but I’m pretty certain it wouldn’t be advisable to take one, since then I would never go to bed! At any rate, I will probably feel much better once I get out in the fresh air and hit the road.


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