Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

Last night, I had plans of posting my Top 10 post once I got home, but with the craptastic weather we wound up having (rain all freaking day and on the way home), coupled with the fact that I felt akin to death (not really, but I didn’t feel good), meant that I wasn’t going to do anything other than eat dinner, maybe put away the ground beef that I had bought, and watch some tv. And shower. All of which I accomplished. I did drink some of that Emergen-C stuff yesterday, and while the drive home felt a little sketchy at times (am I going to vomit? Will I make it to the side of the road?), I do feel quite a bit better today. I also downed another packet of the Emergen-C stuff this morning, so hopefully I will feel even better tomorrow 🙂

So, back to the important stuff (because this blog is filled with that, you know?). Monday night I decided to go run at a newer park near my house. It had a little bit of paved paths and some “natural” trails. I covered 2.42 miles in roughly 48 minutes. I went pretty slowly, since I haven’t run since February’s Truffle Shuffle, and I did get turned around and lost a couple of times. All in all though a very pretty place, and other than right at the trail head area, which has a playground, bathrooms, an outdoor classroom, and a small fishing lake, I didn’t encounter another person. I did see a turkey though. I’m glad I decided to find the parks map and see that it was quite a bit bigger than I thought it was.

On schedule for tonight is another 2 miler, and I’m not entirely certain where I will do it at. Considering the rain and everything that’s happened the last couple of days-it snowed this morning-I will probably stick to a paved route. And to the 2 mile distance, since I still have a bit of stuffy-ness going on up in my head. It looks really nice out right now, but looks can be deceiving. I bet it’s actually a bit chilly, but it will give me an excuse to wear some of my new long sleeve tops I got the other day.

I’m excited to be back to running, and I can happily report that my hip hasn’t been quite so cranky the last couple of mornings. I keep telling myself to get my foam roller out and work on it, but I have yet to drum up the motivation for that one.


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