I ran just over two miles last night around this pretty lake at the other park just up the road from my house. I ran on some trails there last year, but this time I stuck to the mostly paved areas. And yes that includes running through some of the parking lots there. Anything to get my miles in! I pushed the pace a little bit more on this one, and ran it in 35:35, which averaged out to a 16:47 (I think) pace per mile. And I felt it! I tried not to walk too much, but still took a couple of walk breaks here and there since my back was getting a little sore from running. Clearly evident that I need to do some actual strength training and get back to yoga (and making that chiropractor appointment probably wouldn’t hurt either…).

Now, on to the whole weirdo part. One, it was obviously a gorgeous day out, even if it was a little on the chilly side. Two there were tons of picnic tables and benches all through out the park that were pretty private. So why do people insist on coming to the park and sitting in their cars for hours on end? Well, maybe not hours, but in the entire time I was there, these two folks never got out of the car. Not for a bathroom break, nothing. Didn’t even have the windows cracked. And it didn’t even look like they were talking. Or doing anything. That’s just kind of strange if you ask me, and makes you look a little creepy, especially since you are parked in one of the lots that has a playground.

I have the Color Run 5k this Saturday. Which coincides with the fact that I have three miles on my training plan. So that should work out nicely. Hopefully I won’t have to trample anyone (since I’ve heard it can get pretty crowded) and make decent time. I’m looking forward to it, since I think it will be a fun little adventure, but at the same time I’m not, because I’m sure it’s been hugely over-hyped. But an adventure is an adventure! Afterwards I will be taking two of my nephews out for another little adventure. We will be going to the nursery and picking out some flowers and tomato plants and then having ice cream after planting. Fun times! Now I just need to get my car cleaned up so that it looks semi-acceptable to have small children riding in it 🙂



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