Busy Bee


Another busy weekend coming up!

Tonight it’s going to be packing and getting things ready for tomorrow, when we will be heading to the Lake for the Testicle Festival (yeah, you read that right). We’ve been going since 2006, I think? We only missed one year, and that was due to some planting going on. We have friend’s who live over/down there and we only get to see them a few times a year, so it’s always a good time.

Saturday is Testie Festie day! We will load up in the morning and head out to our friend’s house. If we get there early enough, Amy and I might go riding before lunch. Then we usually lunch, and then head to the festival. It’s really a blast, believe it or not. Yes they do serve up sacks of deep fried bits, and they almost always sell out. It’s actually a fund raiser and motorcycle rally all in one. It’s cool to just sit back and people watch all day. Then we spend the night down there and get up on Sunday and head out for breakfast. We used to go to a place called (and I’m not joking on this either) the Eager Beaver. But sadly, it closed down so now we head to the Philly Cafe. Then home for us.

Sunday is miss T-Lea’s first dance recital, so we have to make sure we get back in time for that. Then, who knows? Probably spend sometime trying to get things together for the rest of the week.

This month has been mostly a wash as far as exercise and eating decent has gone. Actually, who am I kidding on that one. It’s been (as usual) a complete and total waste. I’ve eaten like crap, done next to nothing, and have the results to show it. I know I say it time and time again on here that I need to get my act together and I never seem to do. It’s actually kind of embarassing. So here goes another attempt at it. I’m setting a few mini goals for myself, from now until we leave for vacation in July (which is just shy of 8 weeks away-holy crap). It’s going to be tough to kick it off on such a busy weekend, but I really need to commit to this or else I’m not going to have a great life.


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