Almost Vacation Time

I can’t believe that July is already half way over…WTF? It’s crazy to see how time flies.

I’ve been ridiculously busy, trying to get things squared away at work, and then also at home before this months craziness took over. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out because a little game called Candy Crush is freaking ruining my life. So it’s taken over so much of my time! I just need to stop playing it.

I can’t wait for vacation. I’m in dire need of one. Hopefully I will actually get to relax and do what I want, and not have to deal with any of the issues I had to deal with last year. I’m looking forward to 9-ish days of relaxing and doing what I want-not neccesarily what I HAVE to do. Although, there is some of that mixed in.

My dog is forcing me to be a better house keeper, and I resent her for it 🙂

Earlier this year, she decided she didn’t need to stay in her kennel anymore. So she pulled all the wires out of the top so the gap was big enough to get out of. Since she wasn’t destroying anything and staying confined to the bedroom, we didn’t mind leaving her loose during the day. Then she figured out how to open our pocket door. And now she roams the whole house most of the day. Which equals anything left within her reach that she deems edible after a certain period of time gets taken back into the bedroom and eaten. We’ve had hamburger buns, dog treats (so many bags), and a bag of dehydrated raw dog food. Nice, right? So basically I can no longer leave ANYTHING out ANYWHERE in the house, because she will more than likely decide to appropriate it as hers and do what she seems fit. And most annoying, she doesn’t do it right away. She will leave something alone for days, weeks, months, and then suddenly decide it’s time to eat/demolish/destroy whatever it is. So yeah, now I have to be a much better/more consistent housekeeper…

So, there’s that little update. I’m still recovering from fair week, which made me so tired for some ridiculous reason. Either that or my dang thyroid is acting up again…who knows. I’ll get around to posting more regularly (hopefully I can post a bit on vacation) soon. When I actually have something to write about…


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