Labor Day Weekend

Gah, I haven’t posted in ages. I’m still here-busier than ever.

I guess I haven’t posted since before my birthday. Since then I’ve had my birthday party (fun!), had a ridiculous allergic reaction to something causing my eye to nearly swell shut (not fun), dyed my hair red (fun), went dove hunting for the first time (fun), and attended my parents Labor Day party.

Which was also fun.


Saturday I went out and got my nails and hair done. At first the red was a bit shocking, but since I’ve washed it a couple of times it’s toned down quite a bit. So far I’m liking it. Then I went to my parents house and ate lunch and went shopping with my mom to finish up things for their party on Sunday.

Sunday we got up super early and headed out to go dove hunting. It was my first time and it was a pretty excellent hunt. We all limited out within the hour and it wasn’t too awful, weather wise, just pretty humid. Then it was home for a shower and to gather up what ever we needed to take to the party. Once we got to mom and dad’s, we basically just chilled and ate way too much food. M had to leave earlier than I did, and since I needed to borrow one of my mom’s cars anyways, it wasn’t that big of a deal. My car needed to go to the dealership to have a couple of things replaced on it before the warranty ran out.

Monday we got up and went dove hunting again, not quite as successfully, but we still had a pretty good time. Then I ran a few errands and took a much-needed nap.

This weekend is shaping up to be just as busy, if not busier, than the past couple weekends. So I need to buckle down a get crap in gear, so I’m not staring at three weeks worth of chores here soon!


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