Injury Update

I posted a little while back that I was going to see the chiropractor about my shoulder and some hip/knee issues that I have been having for a while now. I thought I’d give a little update.

Apparently it’s not really my shoulder that’s hurt, but where my rib meets my spine. I somehow managed to over-stretch and slip the rib head out-of-place. And my hip socket area is inflamed. So this means no yoga OR running for at least 6 weeks. So I had to scratch from my races, and I don’t get to go to yoga either. My hip/knee area is already feeling better, but the rib area hurts at times. Hopefully that will be feeling much, much better here soon.

Lucky enough for me, the 10k I had on the schedule allowed me to switch to a virtual participant and the half marathon deferred my entry to 2014. So I’m not out the month for both races. Now it’s time to rest and recoup and maybe tackle a few races over the winter.

This weekend was really fun! Saturday we drove down to Cape Girardeau for a truck pull. M’s boss has a pulling truck, and he asked M if he wanted to drive it. It was a really fun time, and I was able to put my GoPro cameras in the truck and get some pretty neat footage. Now to just cut and compile it into a nice little video. M did really well for his first ever pull, and wound up getting fourth place.

Sunday was the first Loin’s Club breakfast of the year, so we hit that up. All you can eat breakfast for $7, and it’s pretty good food too! Then it was grocery shopping and picture-taking time for me.

Tonight is the appreciation dinner at M’s work, so we are going to that. Which means I can’t work late tonight and have to get out of here right on time, so I better get busy!


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