Beginning to Feel like Fall

So the weather is starting to cool off some, and it’s beginning to feel really fall-like outside and I love it. I pretty much love all the season at first and then about half-way through I decide I don’t like them anymore…we will see how long my love of fall lasts!

My rib area was feeling so much better over the weekend, but I may have over done it on Sunday, because it hasn’t been too happy with me here lately. It could just be how I sit in my desk chair. Who knows. All I know is I’m ready to get the ok to start working out again. I’m getting mildly concerned with my chair-butt that I have going on.

As usual, I’m feeling stuck in a rut. This weather is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t run outside right now. It just really stinks to have to sit and wait when I was ready to make a commitment to working out (again) (also, insert eyeroll here).

I’m thinking of taking Monday off for our anniversary. Or just to have a day off where I don’t have to answer to anyone or be anywhere. I feel like I’ve been SO busy this summer and haven’t hardly had any chance to just chill out and relax a little. Even on vacation. It just felt like a constant struggle.

In other news, I had a relatively busy weekend. Saturday morning I took pictures of my sister and her dog, then went to the grocery store(s) and later Saturday night we headed to my parents to watch the boxing match between Mayweather & Canelo. It was moderately slow going, and of course Mayweather got the win by decision. But Canelo is going to be a major powerhouse. Dude is a TANK.

Sunday I made the following- Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce, Apple Crisp, Banana Bread with and without nuts, and homemade chicken & noodles. I was busy. Too busy to clean ;). But I did do a tiny bit of cleaning as far as dishes and stuff goes. My life I swear revolves around cleaning and trying to not be late to work…

I’m trying to post more frequently, but I don’t really have much to post about off the top of my head. I pretty much do the same stuff every weekend, and clearly can’t post about working out since I haven’t been doing that either. I guess I will need to put on my thinking cap and see what I can drum up as far as post ideas!


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