Fondue for Me

During my whining and bitching yesterday, I didn’t even talk about my weekend. Or more specifically my Saturday, since I didn’t do a whole lot on Sunday.

Saturday I headed to Wentzville after tearing my car apart trying to find my blood work orders so I could get my tests done for my (now rescheduled) doctors appointment. I didn’t find it, and since my appointment was rescheduled, they are just sending the orders to the lab that I prefer to go to. Um, why didn’t I know they could do this before? Perhaps it’s something new.

Anyways, back on track. I had to get another prescription filled so I headed to Target early, like when they opened early, to get it filled. Well, apparently the pharmacy opens a hour later than the store. So I spent a lot of time wandering around, waiting for it to open. I managed to get out of the store without spending $50 (my usual minimum at Target). Then I stopped by Mannino’s to get some groceries from there before heading home to grab my camera and head off to take some photos for a friend.

And these weren’t just any photos. My friend and her family own a dog training kennel and they recently bred one of their labs to produce a gun dog line. So I got to spend the better part of the late morning catching up with friends and playing with their 9 adorable lab puppies. I was in heaven! After pictures I headed home and caught M and our friends just before they were leaving for the Cards vs. Cubs game. Boys day out. Which meant I had the whole evening to myself. So I decided to take myself on a little date night.

I made a reservation at the Melting Pot in Chesterfield because I have been wanting to go there for a while. I’ve never done the whole fondue thing and it was spectacular. I went with their 4 course meal. I started with a cheddar fondue, and then had their mushroom and spinach salad-easily one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten. Then for my main course I had a basic veggie boullion with vegetables and then my meats were shrimp, lobster tail, chicken, filet, and then there was also a mushroom stuffed pasta. For dessert I had the chocolate s’mores fondue. I was so full by the time I left!

It was truly delicious.

Sunday I went to yoga, which I think only further aggrevated my shoulder. So it’s a week off from yoga for me and hopefully my shoulder will be feeling better soon. Then I mostly spent the day doing idle cleaning, and for dinner M and I grilled some hotdogs and brats. Such a good dinner.

I did go to the new outlet mall in Chesterfield, but I was running low on time so I just darted in and grabbed some dog food. I will say though, that if the mall isn’t careful and on top of people leaving their dogs in there cars while they shop the non-dog friendly stores, there will be some serious problems. I counted at least two vehicles that had dogs in them when I walked back to my car. And that was just the area around me. I’m sure there could have been more.


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