Public Service Annoucement

So the post that posted this morning? Totally thought I posted that yesterday afternoon but apparently I did not. So my Mama’s birthday was yesterday. But I digress.

So there’s been something that’s really annoying me that I see posted everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. It has to do with chevron. What 90% of people post is not chevron. It is zig zag. Let me show you:

Screen left: Chevron Screen right: Zigzag
Top: Chevron pattern Bottom: Zigzag pattern

I just get so tired of hearing the good old zigzag being referred to as chevron. Two totally different things. And if you consider yourself to be a “fashionista” like some folks do-maybe you should learn the difference.

Sorry to sound so nit-picky, but honestly, this drives me nearly as nuts as the whole your/you’re thing. Not that I’m perfect by any means. But still, if you’re going to be informing the masses on how to dress OR if you are a “business” person selling “designer” fashions to the masses, perhaps we should at least know what we are talking about.

End rant.

Also, if you have a Keurig and you like the whole pumpkin spice thing, I highly suggest getting some of the Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice coffee. It’s pretty good and after adding a little sweetener and milk to it, I like it better than Starbuck’s PSL. Sorry Sbucks, but you have my heart forever with your caramel machiattos. 

Have a lovely Tuesday!


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