Excuses & Maybe Returning to Yoga

So, yesterday I got online and copied my training plan into my training journal that I got at Fleet Feet in Chesterfield on Friday night. To ease back into running, I’m using Hal Higdon’s Novice 5k plan. I plan on doing a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, but I’m not sure which one I am doing yet. I haven’t heard anything from the one that is put on in my town, so I might be looking at doing a slightly bigger one (possibly in Chesterfield). After that, I’m going to step up to his Intermediate 5k plan, until my two races in December. After that I will toying with the idea of doing a half in April, so I might just go ahead and start looking at his Novice Half Marathon training plan.

I left work with every intention of getting home and heading out the door to run. But then I decided to go ahead and make dinner. Then I needed to do laundry since I didn’t get any of that done this past weekend. Then I was all I need to let my food digest because I ate a ton of dinner. Then I felt itchy and gross so I decided to take a shower and after that all bets were off. Plus, I was all ugh, I have to drive 10 minutes just to run 1.5 miles on a treadmill and what if other people are on the treadmill and blah blah. So basically I made up a shit ton of excuses for not going running last night. Pathetic, people!

At least I didn’t completely sit around just watching TV and I did make dinner, put dinner away, do some laundry, wash dishes, etc. So at the very minimal least tiny bit, I wasn’t a total couch potato.

Tonight I am planning on going to yoga class if it all works out. I got the go ahead last week from my chiropractor, so I’m pretty excited to return to that. I should be able to do 1.5 miles before class, so I will (cross your fingers and say a little prayer) be able to get the miles done tonight.

I say if it all works out, because we’ve been having a few issues with one of the dogs lately. Kaycee decided she didn’t want to stay in her kennel any more so she pulled the wires off the top and created a nice little hole to squeeze out of. Since she wasn’t bothering anything and staying in the bedroom, we decided it wasn’t a big deal. Then she figured out how to open up the pocket door on the bedroom. Again, she wasn’t bothering anything so it wasn’t a big deal. Then she started getting into the dog treats that I would occasionally leave on the table. Put away dog treats. Then she started getting into the trash and dog food storage. Move those to an area that has a door with a doorknob she can’t open. Then she got into the dishes. And I would find chewed Tupperware and pans on the floor, as well as a few chewed serving utensils.

Then last Wednesday happened. I had (keyword: HAD) a counter top deep fryer that was pretty sweet. We got it for a wedding gift. Completely enclosed, lid with a filter to keep that nasty fried food smell out. I used it Tuesday to make some cheese sticks to go with dinner. I wanted the oil/grease to completely cool before I got rid of it, so I left it on the counter to deal with on Wednesday night.

Fast forward to Wednesday, I get out of my chiro appointment, and I have 4 missed called from M. I get home to the following scenario: A pile of greasy dog puke in front of M’s recliner, everything pulled off the sofa, grease puke on the bed and window next to the bed (and my blankets), huge grease spots all over the sheets, greasy shit in the closet on top of my scarves, and the icing on the cake? My tile kitchen floor covered in grease/oil and my deep fryer in several pieces.

To say it was slightly nightmarish would be a real big understatement.

Luckily, M and my MIL helped me clean it all up and my MIL brought me dinner (after I had a slight melt-down). So I’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping the dishes, dog treats, and other things washed and picked up everyday.

I think it’s mostly boredom, from being shut in the house while we’re away. If I/we come home at the time we are “supposed” to be home from work, it’s usually ok. Saturday I had to help my FIL shoot a wedding, and she got the pan I used to make eggs in that morning out of the sink and put a couple of teeth marks in my favorite spatula. I clearly need to spend more time exercising her (and Cody) to help prevent some of these problems. So that’s also in the works.

Point of that ridiculously long story-I’m making crockpot chicken tacos for dinner tonight, so the crockpot is on the stove. I don’t think she’d mess with it (which is the same thing I thought about the sealed deep fryer, look where that got me), but I don’t want to risk her burning herself and destroying my crockpot. So if M has to work late, I’m not doing yoga. Yes I plan on taking her running with me as soon as I can figure out a place for us to run (especially during the week). If M isn’t working late, yoga here I come!

Happy Tuesday!


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