The “Return”

So, if I had to say it was a successful return to running and yoga, I’d probably be right. Although it feels (especially as far as yoga is concerned) that I’ve lost a ton of fitness, I don’t think I’m quite back a square one. 

Last night I did the 1.5 miles on my schedule that I didn’t do Monday night. I also walked a .10 mile warm up and a .14 mile cool down for a total of 1.74 miles. All that took me about 31 minutes. I didn’t push too hard, since I had yoga right after and it was a yogahour class so those are a bit more intense, but I did run the whole 1.5 miles. I didn’t have my Garmin, so I used my Runtastic pro app and I’m not 100% on the pace per mile thing. I just know I took it slow and steady. I almost didn’t go because when I got to St. Charles it was sprinkling pretty good, but then an older person with a walking stick was out there, so if they could do it so could I. I felt pretty good the whole time, and I probably could push the pace a little more. 

I think I will push my 1.5 miles that are on the books back to tomorrow before yoga again, because my quads are fairly sore. Plus it’s pretty dismal outside. 

Return to yoga was a little less anti-climatic. I was a little scared to push myself to far, since that’s how I wound up hurt in the first place. I sat a few poses out, especially side planks, and really tried to focus on proper posture for the rest of my moves. All in all, I felt pretty good during class, and am looking forward to going back on Thursday. I don’t really have any soreness in my shoulder/rib area, which is a good sign, and it hasn’t bothered me too much today. 

I am beyond ready to get out of work today and get to my chiro appointment. Then home to snuggle in my pj’s and watch some TV. And possibly eat pizza. But I’m not sure of that last part just yet! 


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  1. Victoria.H says:

    Sounds like you are doing awesome ! Way to get back into it

  2. Sounds like you’re just being smart and easing back into it! Your body will thank you for that for sure. . . but I’m sure you know that 🙂

    1. Stephanie says:

      Yeah, but I tend to take it too easy sometimes! I really want to make progress with my running, and if slower than molasses miles are the key…

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