Ain’t Got No Snappy Title

Seriously, one of the hardest parts about blogging is coming up with a catchy title for every post. Please tell me you feel my pain!

So last night I made it to yogahour at BlueBird Yoga. I totally forgot that the usual teacher for this class was away on the retreat so there was a new teacher that I haven’t had class with before instructing last nights class. It went pretty good. For the most part she flowed fairly well, and I did like how she practiced with us so I could double-check exactly what I was supposed to be doing by watching her. But I did feel like we spent a lot of time in kneeling poses. Which was fun, but I wish I had a little warning so I could have grabbed a blanket to cushion my knees with, since they are a little bruised today. But I will try to remember to ask next class! We did a couple different ab/core moves and I can definitely can feel them today. Love it!

However, once I got done with yoga class I realized (via text from my MIL) that I was supposed to be in tax class that evening. Whoops! But now that I know which days it’s on, I will be putting that in my planner and remember from here on out. *Insert salute here*

On tonight’s docket, I have a four miler scheduled and then it’s clean the kitchen & bathroom and do laundry kind of night. Maybe squeeze in a mani/pedi and some Teen Wolf (yes I’m 30 and I love that show!). Hopefully my four miler goes well, but I guess if it doesn’t you will be the first to hear about it tomorrow!


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