Back to the Grind

Ahh! I’m back (for the moment).

It’s been a little crazy around these parts for the past few weeks, but things are finally starting to settle down some. And that affords me a little more time blogging! Woot Woot!

So, a quick look back at what’s been happening. Two weeks ago I had my 30th birthday (I’m so old now!). It was pretty low-key, since M was out-of-town I didn’t really do a birthday bash. Saturday I did a bike ride and then took myself out to The Melting Pot for dinner and then Sunday my parents and my friend Heidi went to the Lake to do lunch at Coconuts. It was a good time all around. Monday night, which was my actual birthday, I had dinner with my whole family at Stony River. Pre-dinner I got my makeup done at Sephora and picked out a new shirt since the one I was wearing had my lunch on it. Then birthday cake and ice cream followed.

The next weekend was Labor Day weekend, and we spent it pretty chill on Saturday, before helping my parents throw their annual Labor Day party on Sunday. I made 3 deserts and brought some apps and everything went over so well! My caramel apple pecan pie was a hit, and there was one tiny little sliver left in the pan at the end of the night.

Monday was a rainy opener for dove season. We spent about 30 minutes in the morning and then another hour maybe in the evening before getting rained out each time. It didn’t really matter for me because the firing pin in my shot-gun broke, so I couldn’t shoot anymore anyways (not that I was actually getting any doves). Then I started the week with a renewed sense of vigor as far as running/biking/everything goes.

Tuesday I logged four miles running at Indian Camp Creek. The park has a really nice loop that is pretty mellow, then a few decent climbs, then a nice downhill bit. So it’s a great place to work on hills and endurance as far as those go.

Wednesday I took my bike to Indian Camp Creek, because I need some more hill work on that, because I fell way behind on the climbs during the bike ride I did over my birthday weekend. I managed a 7.6 mile ride because I was running late getting home and I didn’t want to stay out too late working out.

Thursday I had planned on going to yoga and running 3 miles, but since I had gotten home so late the two previous evenings and we had dinner so late both days, I decided to come straight home and get to work on dinner (which was Greek chicken, risotto, and roasted green beans. Yum.). Friday night of course was margarita Friday, which went fairly well.

Saturday morning I got up and did a slightly damp 6 miles on the Katy Trail before heading home and prepping to run errands nearly all day. We stopped at Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Hancock’s, and we had lunch at the uber-delish Crazy Bowls & Wraps (I know it’s a chain but I love them!). Then M headed back out to hunt, and I took the pups to the self-service dog wash at Treat’s Unleashed. Love that place! After getting both dogs all fancied up, picking out WAY too many dog treats, and then paying for a snack that someone stole, I hit the road home. We stopped and grabbed some cheeseburgers and then I headed over to our friend’s house for a surprise birthday party. I presented the birthday boy with his slighty smushed cupcake and everyone chowed down on the mini-Jilly’s that I brought so all in all I call it a good night.

Sunday I got up and headed back out to the Katy Trail, this time with my bike. I had planned on doing 20 miles, but cut it short at 18.2 so that I could make brunch with M, my sister, and her boyfriend for his birthday at Prasino. Such good brunch. I had the Veg-Out Omelette with a side of bacon (not crispy enough) and some toast. Then we walked across the street to Bar Louie and had some drinks and watched the beginning of the football game. Then home for a few more errands, home to make Sesame Ginger Shrimp, and do some laundry.

So my last weeks stats are as follows:

  • Run-10 Miles
  • Bike-25.8 Miles
  • Yoga-0 Hours 😦
  • Bacon- 2 pieces
  • Cupcakes- 1 cake

Tonight I’m looking forward to hitting up the yoga studio for yogahour and then a dinner of Herb Garlic Halibut with asparagus. If only I don’t freaking burst from all the water I’ve been drinking today!



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