Movin’ on Up

Exciting things happening here at work. I got to move into my new office yesterday. I’m in the process of training the new girl to do my old receptionist duties and I will be taking over accounts payable, as well as accounts receivable, which I already do.

Exciting times, right?

Or not.

This weekend was another jam-packed with activities kind of weekend. It started Friday, when I had to leave work early and head to my parents house to try to help my mom get things ready for the lingerie shower we were throwing for a friend. My sister was supposed to be there earlier in the day, but she had a bunch of stuff come up and wasn’t able to make it in until that evening.

Saturday I was up bright and early to head back to my parent’s to finish getting everything ready for the shower, and take advantage of the fact that my favorite nail salon is practically right up the street from their house. I haven’t had a pedicure in a million years and since I had a special event this weekend (the shower/bachelorette party) and next weekend is my dad’s birthday festivities, I got a gel manicure as well. I try to only get them for special events, because they are a little on the pricey side and they do a number on my nails when they start to peel off. Mostly because I can’t leave it alone when it starts to lift.

My parents house was entirely to warm and my cake pops didn’t set up quite right, so I had to make upside down cake pops, which was a little disappointing. Then I spent a couple of hours running around picking out gifts from all of us to the bride, and getting shower game gifts for the guests. Back home to finish up the food and drinks and get ready.

The shower was a blast and the food went over really well. The bachelorette party started off a little slow, but we managed to pull through and I think everyone had a really great time. We went to ballpark village which made for some majorly interesting people watching, which is something I love to do!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get home from the party until 4 in the morning and then I was back up by 9 to get the balloons for my niece’s fifth birthday party (Frozen themed of course!). By the end of the day I was pretty much exhausted! We just grilled some hot dogs and had a pretty simple dinner and watched The Walking Dead. Such an intense episode!

Yesterday I didn’t get my scheduled run in to kick off my 5k training plan, so I will try to fit it in tonight. Hopefully the rain will hold off and I won’t have to put the miles in on the treadmill.


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